We Never Die!

We left our families . We abandoned our homes . We worked for nothing . We slept on floors . We partied hard . We lost our minds . We danced with the Devil . We faced our fears . We swallowed our pride . We gave our hearts . We tried and failed . We followed our dreams . We are CYRCLE . We Never Die!

Best known for its murals and installations on the streets of Los Angeles, the local art collective Cyrcle is transforming the street art scene in L.A, and in other places around the world, like its counterpart Colossal Media is doing in New York. The above motto shows a continuation of a long lasting street art tradition that defies the tools and means and capabilities of a modern artist to take us somewhere we have never been before, or to make us feel something different, something that reassures everyone of us in a warm, appealing and most importantly provoking voice; WE CAN STILL BE FREE!

[vimeo w=1000&h=562]


Game Of Thrones – Animated GIF

Painted and animated GIF’s of the HBO series Game Of Thrones, The amazing universe of Game of Thrones is re-created in this amazing work by artist and illustrator Adam Spizak.



Visualize 66 Varieties Of Cheese

With age and maturity must necessarily come more discerning tastes. Sooner or later, you’ll have to graduate from beer to wine, from Shining-Kubrick to Barry Lyndon-Kubrick, from Safran Foer to anyone else. And, of course, from cheddar to Stilton. Or Stinking Bishop. Or Garroxta. The Charted Cheese Wheel will help you make the jump from the yellow and mild commodity stuff to pungent artisanal and farmstead cheeses… Read More at FastCompany





The role of technology is incomplete as long as the device and the user haven’t reached a level of collaboration that allows one to serve the other without interruption. User experience designers are at the center of this relationship. During my brief Internship at FCV Digital; one of Vancouver’s most respected digital agencies, I was lucky to have my desk at the center of the UX department. Other than my immediate fascination with these people’s talent and knowledge of the subject I also had a quick peak at the UX process and how much work is put into the creation of a digital platform that not only looks great, but also feels as second nature when it comes to how we utilize it interact with it. Connecting is a documentary by Bassett & Partners that gives a close look at this new and exciting discipline and how UX designers are basically deciding and facilitating how we interact with technology of tomorrow. Enjoy!


Shadows of Liberty

Until the mid 70’s media was still considered a reliable source of information and to some degree, a tool that carried some sort of credibility and defended the public interest without taking sides. With the influence that media lobbyists had over Washington during the Reagan administration, corporations where able to buy out all small media outlets and replace them with a huge platform to sell products, influence public opinion, and most importantly to start WARS!

While we thought we were taking a final plunge to darkness again, came the Internet. This godsend framework has allowed our voices to unite once again. Other than a booming porn industry, we’ve seen revolutions burst in the most improbable places on earth. We’ve witnessed grass roots movements taking place all over the world, fighting greed and proving that small is good in spite of what capitalism have worked so hard to try and make us believe the opposite. This documentary discusses how our short-lived happiness might be coming to an end when big corporations decide to pitch in their wisdom and turn your Zen garden into reality show.


On the Brink

Somewhere in the San Fransisco bay area.. young entrepreneurs with twisted business visions and great deal of risk taking have stormed the area since the mid 90’s. Today, those same companies are what we know as the Googles, the twitters, the Soundclouds and many more.

‘On The Brink’  discusses the past, present and future of connectivity with a mix of people including David Rowan, chief editor of Wired UK; Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr; and Eric Wahlforss, the co-founder of Soundcloud. Enjoy…




The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, with unlimited opportunities.But does democratized culture mean better art or is true talent instead drowned out?

This is the question that this documentary tries to address. whether you are creative or not, the world in which we live today makes the human-machine divide almost impossible. how do we live with it? how do we know if we ever going to make art again. Or is it just the beginning of  a new creative revolution.


HERE & NOW – A Tailor Steel Movie

Someone told me today “dude you have to start blogging about tech and design news, isn’t that you do for a living?” .I don’t know what to say. To me this is a place where i store things that i find inspiring, dream like, interesting. But it seems that everything you do nowadays have to be for a reason and you better make some money doing it. cause “if it dont make dollar, then it dont make sense”

Back to the future. this video is supposed to capture that fine line between the sport and the art form. “here and now” is the best surf movie name i’ve heard so far! The new tailor steel movie was shot in only one day…. its debatable, i know but the guy makes amazing motion picture. As usual, he will take you on a trip without moving…