Shadows of Liberty

Until the mid 70’s media was still considered a reliable source of information and to some degree, a tool that carried some sort of credibility and defended the public interest without taking sides. With the influence that media lobbyists had over Washington during the Reagan administration, corporations where able to buy out all small media outlets and replace them with a huge platform to sell products, influence public opinion, and most importantly to start WARS!

While we thought we were taking a final plunge to darkness again, came the Internet. This godsend framework has allowed our voices to unite once again. Other than a booming porn industry, we’ve seen revolutions burst in the most improbable places on earth. We’ve witnessed grass roots movements taking place all over the world, fighting greed and proving that small is good in spite of what capitalism have worked so hard to try and make us believe the opposite. This documentary discusses how our short-lived happiness might be coming to an end when big corporations decide to pitch in their wisdom and turn your Zen garden into reality show.


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