We Never Die!

We left our families . We abandoned our homes . We worked for nothing . We slept on floors . We partied hard . We lost our minds . We danced with the Devil . We faced our fears . We swallowed our pride . We gave our hearts . We tried and failed . We followed our dreams . We are CYRCLE . We Never Die!

Best known for its murals and installations on the streets of Los Angeles, the local art collective Cyrcle is transforming the street art scene in L.A, and in other places around the world, like its counterpart Colossal Media is doing in New York. The above motto shows a continuation of a long lasting street art tradition that defies the tools and means and capabilities of a modern artist to take us somewhere we have never been before, or to make us feel something different, something that reassures everyone of us in a warm, appealing and most importantly provoking voice; WE CAN STILL BE FREE!

[vimeo w=1000&h=562]

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